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Remote Audio Boom Caddy

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The BOOM CADDY, by Remote Audio, is a great tool for the sound department, especially for the boom operator! The Boom Caddy is a safe and convenient way to stow the boom pole, cable, and headphones on the set.

  • The Boom Caddy relies on its wide six-sided base for stability. It is more stable than devices using a much heavier but smaller base.
  • The 3.5 inch opening will accept boom poles with side-mounted connectors and poles with right-angle XLR jumpers attached.
  • The base underside has no exposed hardware, making it safe for delicate flooring.
  • The underside of the seat is designed with a finger grip edge for easy carrying.
  • A large, heavy-duty hook is included to handle big cable bundles. The hook is quickly removable. An additional hook can be installed for headphones, packs, etc.
  • The Boom Caddy collapses in a matter of seconds to a 5-inch high package.
  • The new 6-sided design allows the Boom Caddy to fit into a Pelican 1600 case.
  • The height of the Boom Caddy is 24".
  • At just 11 pounds (5kg) the new Boom Caddy is 25% lighter than the original.
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