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CTP Systems FWD8000

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1U Dante Four wire

Now with version 3 firmware, the FWD8000 is a Dante enabled four wire box with eight four wire inputs and eight four wire outputs plus eight IFB inputs. A mix output and a hot microphone output are also available on the network.
In addition to the network connections four of the four wire inputs and outputs are mirrored onto the rear of the unit for local analogue use as well as two IFB inputs.
These analogue inputs and outputs may now also be used as a Dante breakout box (new feature with v 3 firmware) with three assignable inputs and three assignable outputs, these are also selectable via Dante Controller and may be assigned to analogue versions of any of the Dante inputs or outputs. Operational adjustments are simple using our version3 firmware incorporating the FWD8000 internal web server. Power may be PoE, an external 12 volt supply or battery or via the IEC mains inlet.

Each channel has a cut switch, a ifb monitor button plus a vox incoming audio present indicator.
Press the talk keys down for momentary operation and up to latch. The latch operation can be defeated if required. Units can be supplied with a headphone jack or a 5 pin XLR headset connector.
There is an 'all talk' key which can be set to talk to any or all of the four wire outputs. There is also a microphone cut button. When a talk key is pressed incoming audio to the loudspeaker is normally dimmed to prevent feedback, the level may be adjusted or defeated as required. The unit includes two 3:1 and one 2:1 network mixers.

The FWD8000 has a secondary ethernet interface which may be used as a switch output or for network redundancy.
Mains requirement is 110-240VAC 50/60Hz.
Dimensions: 1RU 200mm deep.

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