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Countryman TYPE 10S

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Type 10S Stereo Direct Box

The Type 10S Stereo Direct Box is a two-channel version of the Type 10 Direct Box. Each channel uses the same innovative circuitry as the Type 10—delivering industry-leading technical performance—with some new features that add versatility.

Unmatched Performance
The Type 10S will not distort your sound regardless of the frequency or level of the audio source you plug in. The frequency response is flat from 10 Hz to 50 kHz, with a phase response that is linear within 2 degrees for the full audio range. The combination of flat and extended frequency response with linear phase delivers clean and accurate transient response which is essential for preserving the true character of the source.

Powering Options
Since the Type 10S uses an active circuit, your signal level is preserved, not padded by 20 dB or more as with passive boxes. This means that any noise, buzz, hum, or RF interference added by all of the following devices in the signal chain will be 20 dB less relevant to your overall sound quality. Although active circuitry requires power to operate, we decided to give you some easy options for powering the Type 10S. You only need to provide phantom power to Channel A, and if you don't have phantom available, the Type 10S will automatically use its internal battery which lasts for over 100 hours.

As with all Countryman DIs, the box is mechanically and electrically designed to withstand abuse. The shell is constructed of thick extruded aluminum. The circuit board is potted in epoxy, and protected electrically from high voltage discharges at the input. All switches and connectors are fully recessed—if a switch gets flipped, it is only because you absolutely intended to do so. Transformer isolation is tested for each box by connecting 500 VAC from instrument ground to pin 1 for both XLR outputs.

Key Specifications

Frequency Response
10Hz - 50kHz (+/- 1dB)

Deviation from Linear Phase
+2 deg (30 Hz)
0 deg (100 Hz - 20 kHz)

Noise (short input, 22 Hz - 20 kHz)
1.8 micro-Volts rms

THD (1Vpp, typical load)
< 0.001% at 1 kHz
< 0.005% (30 Hz - 20 kHz)

IMD (1Vpp, typical load)
< 0.002% (10 kHz/60 Hz, 4:1)

Cross-Talk Rejection
>105 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

Max Input (1% THD) 
5 Vpp (0 dB pad) 
28 Vpp (-15 dB pad)
158 Vpp (-30 dB pad)

Product Highlights

  • Supremely accurate response
  • 1/4", RCA, and 1/8" input connectors
  • Phantom/battery power test feature
  • Rock-solid transformer isolation
  • Ultra-low interchannel cross-talk
  • Wide, flat bandwidth
  • Built extremely tough for the road

More Information
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