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Audioroot eSMART K-ART

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Location sound cart dual battery power distribution system with universal fuel gauge

The eSMART K-ART is a low footprint power distribution box with a total of 16 direct DC power outputs and 4 x USB 5V ground isolated outputs. The K-ART includes 10 led illuminated power switches, a main power switch and 2 battery fuel gauges. Like it’s little brother eSMART BG-DU the K-ART is fully compatible with any type of battery ranging from 9 to 18V. When used with our eSMART batteries the K-ART provides full battery informations without any calibration routine.

This product was designed for use on small to medium size location sound carts. The power distributor can be connected to 2 batteries at once. The 2 batteries will discharge simultaneously thru an integrated ideal diode. These batteries can be of any type of chemistry  (SLA, NI-MH or LI-ION) and the 2 fuel gauges provide all the informations required to monitor the batteries state of charge (voltage, current, power, etc…).

The eSMART K-ART uses internal coulomb counters and a calibration routine to measure each battery’s true capacity and display it’s remaining capacity in real time. This power distributor is also fully compatible with Audioroot's full line of Li-XXwh smart batteries. When plugging an Audioroot eSMART battery to the K-ART the user will have access to all the battery’s information without the need to perform any type of calibration.

The K-ART can handle standard (non smbus) batteries from other manufacturers up to 40Ah. A special version capable of handling batteries up to 200Ah can be delivered upon request.

Main features:

  • 10 switchable DC power paths via led illuminated push button switches (on/off state of each switch is stored and recalled automatically on each power up)
  • 1 main power illuminated push button switch
  • 12 x HRS 4 DC power outputs (2 on the front, 10 on the rear of the unit, all Hirose outputs are switched on and off by pairs)
  • 4 x XLR 4 DC power outputs (1 on the front, 3 on the rear of the unit). Each XLR 4 output has it’s own power switch
  • 4 ground isolated USB ports (allways on). 2 outputs are located on the front of the unit and 2 outputs are located on the rear of the unit. The K-ART can source up to a total of 3Amps on the 4 USB ports.
  • Real time SOC battery monitoring  : remaining capacity (%), run time estimation, battery voltage, power consumption, power and coulomb counter
  • Polyswitch 2.5A resetable fuses on each Hirose output
  • Polyswitch 4.0A resetable fuses on each XLR4 output
  • Polyswitch 8.0A resetable fuses on each battery input
  • A blinking LED for each battery indicates when the battery capacity falls below 10 %
  • Compatible with any battery ranging from 9 to 18V DC
  • Lightweight aluminum anodized enclosure
  • Size : 228 x 120 x 44mm
  • Weight : 700g


  • 12V/20W or 12V/30W regulated and ground isolated DC/DC converter on XLR output #1
  • 12V/20W or 12V/30W regulated and ground isolated DC/DC converter on XLR output #2
  • 12V/12W regulated and ground isolated DC/DC converter on HRS output pairs #4
  • 12V/12W regulated and ground isolated DC/DC converter on HRS output pairs #5

*** If you are interested on K-ART with any of the options, please write us: [email protected] ***

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