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CTP Systems B-DF4

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Dante 4-wire beltpack

The B-DF4 is a network four channel four wire unit in a compact aluminium beltpack enclosure.
With four audio inputs and four audio outputs it will meet the most demanding beltpack requirements. The B-DF4 has a built in speaker so may be used as a handy four wire box.

The talk buttons can be programmed to operate push to talk, latching or 'smart' (tap to latch, push to talk). When selected to talk the buttons illuminate red.
Listen input(s) may be enabled/disabled in conjunction with the listen select switch. Buttons may be set to flash on incoming audio.
Programming the B-DF4 is simple using the OLED display which also shows line input and output levels during normal operation.

The following features are programmable:

• Microphone amplifier gain range 30dB to 60dB
• Phantom power on/off
• Highpass filter some/lots
• Mic limiter some/lots
• Headphone limiter some/lots
• Sidetone on/off/full level/-6dB/-12dB
• Loudspeaker on/off
• Talk switch mode momentary/latching/smart
• Headphones - select individual inputs to left/right/both ears
• Vox input detect on/off

Power may be supplied Power over ethernet (PoE) or a 9-16 volt external DC supply.

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