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Analogue Audio Test Unit

The audio Testa is an inexpensive analogue test tool designed specifically for sound engineers.
It has a powerful digital signal processor and a separate co-processor providing multiple audio monitoring and test signal generators. These include line level monitoring, microphone level monitoring with or without phantom power, tone generation, noise generation, phantom voltage check, a four-wire box facility, two wire monitoring, audio test tone loop and XLR cable test.

The unit includes a balanced combo XLR/Jack input and an XLR balanced output, two headphone sockets (6.35mm and 3.5mm) and a torch LED. It also has a built in microphone and speaker and is supplied with a belt clip.

The Testa uses a standard nine volt battery or may be powered from its micro USB socket. The USB socket may also be used to update the Testa‘s firmware. All settings are retained in non-volatile memory.
Operation of the device has been made as simple as possible using three push buttons and a 128*32 graphic OLED white on black display which includes a level meter with PPM or VU style scale and ballistics. The unit includes an auto power off function.

What you can do with the Testa:

Monitor a line level analogue input using the built in speaker or 1/4 inch or 3.5mm headphones with adjustable gain -12dB to +12dB in 1dB steps. Meter using either PPM or VU scale and ballistics.

Monitor and meter microphone level inputs, with or without 48v phantom power, using the built in speaker or headphones. Gain adjust from 0dB to +70dB.

Generate tone with adjustable frequency from 50Hz to 20kHz in third octave steps. Output level +12db to -60dB in 1dB steps.

Generate pink or white noise with a choice of levels in 1dB steps from +10dBu to -60dBu.

Test phantom power with voltage read out. Also useful for checking 2 wire talkback power and channel.

Use the unit as a four wire box with the built in microphone. Adjust microphone gain and meter outgoing or incoming audio.

Monitor and meter 2 wire channels (not Clearcom). Output tone at various frequencies and levels and monitor incoming audio simultaneously. Particularly useful for frequency response and performance tests.

Test XLR cables. Live, neutral and earth.

Use the built in torch to see where you’re going.

The micro usb may be used to power the unit and to update Testa firmware.

We also offer a universal mains adaptor.

Dimensions: 114mm tall, 83mm wide, 43mm deep.
Weight 0.34 kilos. (12 oz).

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