IFBlue IFBR1C Beltpack Receiver

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IFBlue IFBR1C IFB Beltpack Receiver

The IFBlue IFBR1C is a new low-cost IFB (Interruptible Foldback) receiver.

They are fully compatible with the existing Lectrosonics IFBT4 transmitters, or any Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters operating in IFB compatibility mode, so that adding these receivers to existing IFB systems is quick and easy. The new IFBlue IFB receiver is easy to set up and use, offering 10 presets, easily programmable from the backlit LCD front panel.

Five tuning ranges are available for the new IFBR1C receivers: the VHF version covers 174-216 MHz, the A1 (470-537 MHz), B1 (537-614 MHz) and C1 (614-692 MHz) versions cover the UHF TV frequencies for most countries, and the 941 MHz Band version covers the North American license-only 941-960 MHz range.

Future firmware updates can be installed in the IFBlue receivers in the field via the USB jack located behind the battery door.

The IFBlue receivers have an integrated, spring-loaded belt clip for light weight and easy, secure placement.

The unit can use either disposable AA or rechargeable NiMh AA batteries, with 10 hours for AA alkalines, 12+ hours for NiMh rechargeables, and 20+ hours for lithium disposables.

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