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Diversity Fin Antenna by RF Venue: Revolutionizing wireless microphone reception. Unlike traditional paddle or shark fin antennas, the Diversity Fin Antenna ensures a constant signal regardless of microphone orientation. This single antenna provides superior coverage compared to two traditional shark fin antennas, offering cost savings, improved performance, and easier installation. Compatible with all wireless brands, both analog and digital. 


Operating frequency 470–698 MHz
Bandwidth 228 MHz
Average return loss -9.4 dB
Impedance 50Ω
Beam width 140° azimuth
F/B ratio -8 dB
F/S ratio -5 dB
Gain 5 dBd
Beam width 100° azimuth
F/B ratio -5 dB
F/S ratio -13 dB
Gain 1.8 dBd
Length 300mm / 12”
Height 370mm / 14.6”
Weight 454g / 1lb
Mount threads 1/4-20, 3/8-16, 5/8-27
Operating temperature -23–54°C / -9–130°F
Color Black
Connector(s) (2) BNC f
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