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Countryman I2

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I2 Instrument Microphone

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The I2 Instrument Microphone has been engineered from the ground up for smooth frequency response, low noise, and precise polar patterns with deep nulls and natural on- and off-axis response. The combination of small size and sonic precision makes it ideal for X-Y, M-S, and other techniques that rely on accurate coincident positioning and consistent patterns. Its tiny size makes it perfect for distance miking that is invisible on camera. Flexible new close miking techniques are aided by Countryman’s line of instrument mounts, which are designed to mount securely and gently to many different instruments.


The instrument-specific mounts for the I2 provide positioning freedom, allowing you to direct the microphone pattern to capture the natural tone of your instrument.


I2 Instument Microphone mounts are designed to minimize vibration noise, including the use of viscoelastic damping materials to reduce transmitted shocks and key noise for clear audio recordings.


The I2 maintains excellent pattern control and frequency response at all angles, for uncolored recordings and reduced feedback issues.


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